Formulate your infrastructure


What is f8?

A platform for configuring, deploying, and monitoring software on any cloud/infrastructure

How does it work?

Create & Configure

Blueprint an application with a highly-concise, schema-backed YAML configuration that defines its components and the resources needed by each

Run various types of workloads, including stateless, stateful, and jobs (one-time and recurring), and expose them with automatically generated URLs

Succinctly define configuration variations across environment types (dev, qa, prod, etc.)

Deploy & Test

Build containers, deploy environments, and run tests for any application with a powerful CLI that provides the building blocks of any CI/CD process

Automate releases with an integrated Jenkins instance and dynamic build agents, configured entirely as-code

Log in with your GitHub account for integration with your source repositories

Monitor & Debug

View status, stream logs, and much more for each application environment, across all clouds/infrastructure through a single pane of glass

Collect, chart, and alert on application and infrastructure metrics with an integrated Prometheus/Grafana instance

How is it built?

With an open source stack

To run anywhere

And the competition?

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Canary analysis*
  • No abstraction over k8s yaml
  • Complicated to install, difficult to scale
  • High compute resource consumption
  • Advanced rollout strategies, resource limiting
  • More features for building containers, triggering deployments
  • Steep pricing
  • Limited support for stateful applications
  • Limited support for applications with multiple components

*Coming soon to f8


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