About Us

We are a Boston-based company experienced in working with industry leaders and innovators

  • Pronounced "ah-raam-say", after the Hindi phrase meaning "with ease"


Deliver Cloud, DevOps & full-stack software solutions that help companies operate aramse ("with ease")



  • Plan early
  • Synchronize often
  • Transparency always


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Cloud & DevOps

Our Technology Stack

  • Source code management with GitHub
  • Cloud infrastructure management with Terraform on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
  • Container orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes (EKS, GKE, and AKS)
  • CI/CD + GitOps with Jenkins
  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

Business Value

  • Scalable infrastructure to run applications with high quality of service at minimized cost
  • Minimized dependency with a cloud- and language-agnostic technology stack

Application Development

Our Technology Stack

  • Web UI development with Angular and Bootstrap
  • Mobile app development (Android, iOS) with Flutter
  • API and general server-side development with Python, Go, and Java
  • Database development with Postgres and MySQL

Business Value

  • Modern and integrated experience for users, including strong performance
  • Documentation and training for ease of support for administrators
  • Efficient delivery with engineers that understand both business requirements and code



Delivery Process

Our Methodology

1.   Vision Development
Development of solution vision, including associated architecture, deliverables, timeline, and cost

2.   Kickoff & Planning
Detailed development and organization of all tasks (with JIRA) needed to realize vision

3.   Weekly Status Meetings
Weekly (or more) meetings to review and demo solution progress

4.   Solution Delivery
Delivery of solution, including documentation/training to support all types of users interacting with it

5.   Ongoing Support
If needed, regular support and updates for the delivered solution

Business Value

  • Comprehensive vision of solution that can be socialized as early as needed
  • Live look at work progress
  • Maximized synchronization and knowledge sharing

Development Process

Our Methodology

  • Our homegrown development platform, f8
  • Streamlined development process
    Automated testing
    Live look at all environments

Business Value

  • High feature throughput and quality
  • Live look at all versions being built
  • Performance monitoring and alerting


f8 is a development platform that equips applications with CI/CD, monitoring/alerting, log aggregation, and more. Powered by Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Prometheus. See more information here.

FireShield is an intrusion prevention system (IPS) that blocks exfiltration of sensitive data from your cloud. Powered by Suricata. Contact us for a demo, pricing, or more information.

httpsql is an application that offers a generic RESTful interface for querying and managing data in a (SQL) database. See the full source code and documentation here.



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